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Junior Padel Tournament for Primary School and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Secondary School

Bushy Park is organising another Junior Padel Tournament on Friday 2nd February. The following categories will be catered for: 5th and 6th Class and 1st Year Secondary  2nd and 3rd Year Secondary If you wish to sign up, please ask at the Club desk or send an email to Please state provide your year and parents´contact numbers. Good luck to all…
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Success at the Junior Padel Tournament in Bushy Park

It was the boldness and determination that Niall and Regan showed throughout the Junior tournament that brought fortune and, ultimately, success to their impressive padel performance. After a slow start losing their first game on the 1st and 2nd Years category, the pair went on to reach the final and ended up beating Alex and…
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Padel Tournament for Primary and Secondary Schools

The inaugural padel tournament for Juniors, that is Primary and Secondary School children will take place at the Bushy Park Club on Friday 13th October. The Tournament begins at 3.30 pm for Primary Schools and 4.00 pm for Secondary Schools. Categories: -5th and 5th Class Primary -1st and 2nd Years Secondary -3rd to 5th Years Secondary…
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